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Dubuque Teeth WhiteningMost of us begin our lives with lovely white teeth, but they tend to become dull and dingy over time. At Exceptional Dentistry, Dr. Ted Murray and Dr. Kristen Berning conveniently offer the in-office Zoom!2™ Teeth Whitening System to help you regain a dazzling, younger-looking smile.

Why Teeth Lose Their Natural Whiteness

Some people naturally have whiter teeth than others. The aging process can also dull and discolor teeth. Drinking coffee, black tea and red wine, smoking cigarettes, and eating strongly pigmented foods like blackberries, can stain the teeth. Tooth trauma can affect the color, as can old metal fillings that start to show through the thinning enamel.

In childhood, tetracycline will affect color as the teeth develop and this is deeper staining than what is caused by foods. Poor at-home brushing and flossing can also affect teeth whiteness and brightness.

The truth is that no one has stark white teeth. All teeth vary in shades of white, cream and yellow and over-whitening the teeth can make the smile appear "fake".

Fast Tooth Whitening with Zoom!2™

The ZOOM!2 Teeth Whitening System safely and effectively whitens teeth in about one hour. Typically, your teeth will appear at least six to eight shades whiter. Zoom!2 whitening is ideal for anyone seeking immediate results.

The procedure begins with a brief preparation to protect the lips and gums. A special whitening gel is applied to the teeth, then activated by a mercury metal halide light to enhance the whitening effect. The convenience and results of this procedure are dramatic.

Maintaining Your New Smile

To maintain your beautiful, white smile over time, Exceptional Dentistry offers custom whitening trays and bleaching gel for use in the privacy of your home. To create your whitening trays, we make custom molds of your teeth, so that the trays fit your teeth perfectly.

Whenever you decide your teeth need a brightening boost, you can simply fill your custom-fitted trays with a prescription-quality whitening gel, and whiten your teeth at home. The trays are a very effective way to maintain the results of your in-office Zoom!2 whitening, and the results are long-lasting.

After bleaching, no special maintenance of your teeth beyond regular brushing and flossing is required. But keep in mind that daily consumption of pigmented foods and drinks will gradually re-stain your teeth. Professional cleaning can remove much of it. So don’t forget to schedule regular checkups with Dr. Ted Murray or Dr. Berning every six months to keep your smile looking its best.

Please call or email our teeth whitening experts to schedule an appointment for Zoom!2 tooth whitening. Exceptional Dentistry serves Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Davenport, Iowa. Also serving Galena.




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