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June 22, 2015

Dubuque, IA Dentist Receives AGD Mastership Award

The Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is pleased to announce that Dr. Kristen Berning, DDS, MAGD, of Dubuque, IA, received the AGD Mastership Award during the 2015 annual meeting, which took place June 18 to 21 in San Francisco. The Mastership Award is the AGD’s highest honor and one of the most respected designations within the profession. To earn this award, Dr. Berning passed the fellowship exam and completed 1,100 hours of dental continuing education in 16 specific categories, including at least 400 hands-on participation hours. As a AGD Mastership Award recipient, Dr. Berning... Read More
June 04, 2015

Welcome, Traci!

 Exceptional Dentistry, Dubuque Dentist, Update

We would like to introduce, Traci, a  dental hygienist and new team member in our Dubuque Office.   She joined our team in May and we are so happy to have her with us. Traci began her career as a dental hygienist in 2008 after graduating from Madison Area Technical College. Prior to becoming a dental hygienist she graduated from the dental assisting program at Western Technical College. Traci joined our team in 2015 with over 7 years of experience working in the dental field. “My favorite part about being a dental hygienist is building a patient’s confidence.... Read More
October 21, 2014

Dubuque Dentists complete Dental Implant Education

Dr. Alexia Murray and Dr. Ted Murray each recently completed an intensive  one-year surgical Dental Implant Continuum  at the Misch International Implant Institute.  The continum consisted of over 100 hours of education, including lectures and many hands-on workshops.   Both Dr. Ted Murray are Dr. Alexia Murray are currently Misch Fellows as they attended an additional course at the Misch Institute and passed a written exam to earn fellowship status. The Misch Institute was established in 1984 by Dr. Carl Misch to elevate the standard of care in implant dentistry.  Dr. Carl Misch... Read More
September 18, 2014

Dubuque Dentist- Sedation Dentistry

  Exceptional Dentistry has been offering sedation dentistry for several years.  Sedation dentistry provides relief to people who have been avoiding the dentist for years– even decades– out of fear and anxiety. Sedation dentistry is proving to be a smile-saver for millions of Americans. Medical science is taking note of links between poor dental hygiene and serious illnesses– such as cardiovascular disease and even some cancers.   That is why it is so important for people in the Tri State area to know that they no longer have to fear dental treatment such as root canals, crowns, fillings, dental... Read More
September 10, 2014

Welcome, Brittany!

We are excited to introduce, Brittany, a hygienist and new team member in our Dubuque Dental Office.   She joined our office in June and it was a seamless transition! Brittany worked her first four years in the dental community as a dental assistant. During this time, she took great pride in helping patients with their dental care. Those first years led her to branch out and find her true passion in dental hygiene. Brittany graduated from Hawkeye Community College in May 2014 with an associate of applied science degree in dental hygiene.  She feels extremely fortunate to join such an “exceptional” team that truly... Read More
July 15, 2014

From a Mommy Dentist:  the challenge of breastfeeding tongue-tied babies

By Dr. Kristen Berning Like many new moms, I thought breastfeeding would come naturally. When my third baby, Ted, was born, I already had 2 years cumulative experience breastfeeding my other children. I planned to exclusively breastfed Ted for at least 12 months. When Ted was just one day old in the hospital, I knew something was different with breastfeeding. I felt he was “chewing” instead of “sucking.” The lactation consultants worked with me on encouraging a deeper latch: I was told to use my finger to encourage him to stick his tongue out further. But he... Read More
July 14, 2014
This month at Exceptional Dentistry in Dubuque, Iowa, we are excited to announce the addition of a new Dubuque dentist! New Dubuque Dentist, Dr. Alexia Murray As a new Dubuque dentist, Dr. Alexia Murray is Dr. Ted Murray’s daughter and Dr. Kristen Berning’s sister.  This further emphasizes the “family” in family dentistry at our Dubuque dental office!  We now have three great Dubuque Dentists to provide general dentistry services to all ages of patients.   Dr. Alexia graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry in 2013.  Dr. Alexia Murray then joined a private practice in Kansas City while her fiancee, Ryan, completed a one... Read More
January 15, 2014
At Exceptional Dentistry in Dubuque, we are able to use cosmetic dentistry to provide instant orthodontics. What is instant orthodontics? In some cases there are spaces between the front teeth that a person does not like.  Looking to improve his or her smile, an individual may want this space to be closed. Sometimes due to the occlusion (the way the top and bottom teeth fit together), it can be difficult to close the space with braces or Invisalign.  In other cases, some people do not want to spend 1-2 years doing orthodontic treatment.  They are excited about the option of closing this space in just one appointment! Dental bonding using... Read More
August 07, 2013
In our Dubuque dental office, Dr. Ted Murray and Dr. Kristen Berning and the Exceptional Dentistry team offer nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.   This is a great option for patients with dental anxiety, a strong gag reflex, and for young children having dental work for the first time.  Almost anyone who wants to relax more during his or her appointment can use nitrous oxide or laughing gas for anxiety relief.

Nitrous Oxide Safety

Nitrous oxide is a blend of oxygen and nitrous oxide.  In our Dubuque dental office, we use the Safe Sedate Nitrous Oxide system.  The gas is delivered through a mask placed comfortably over the... Read More
July 31, 2013
Cosmetic Dentistry in Dubuque, Iowa The words cosmetic dentistry often makes a person think of porcelain veneers or professional tooth whitening.  Dr. Ted Murray and Dr. Kristen Berning, Dubuque dentists, believe almost every dental procedure has a cosmetic component that needs to be considered.  Our Exceptional Dentistry office is a great place to have cosmetic dentistry done in Dubuque, Iowa. Shown below is an example of single tooth cosmetic dentistry.  It is a direct resin veneer, which is also called dental bonding.  This  is an affordable cosmetic dentistry option that can make a wonderful improvement in the beauty of a smile.  A... Read More