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Welcoming Patients from Dubuque, Davenport, Dyersville, IA, Nearby Wisconsin and Galena, IL

June 23, 2012
For Americans, it’s a smile that’s worth a thousand words Wherever we travel, live or work, Americans rely on the good-old-fashioned smile to “talk” to people. We smile to say hello, goodbye, to excuse ourselves and even when we’re embarrassed. We also look to the smile to get cues about how others are feeling, from a frown to indicate unhappiness to a wide grin signaling happiness or humor. Perhaps it’s because generally, we’re more emotive, and it surfaces the loudest through our mouths. The Japanese, on the other hand, look to the eyes to tell the whole truth, says researcher Masaki Yuki, a behavioral scientist at Hokkaido University in... Read More
May 23, 2012
People often come into our office wanting to know how to improve their smile. A common question is “What are veneers?” OR  “Am I a candidate for veneers?” Porcelain Veneers vs. Direct Resin Veneers Some people are familiar with porcelain veneers, a thin porcelain restoration that is custom made by a dental laboratory.   There is another type of veneer that many people do not know about.  It is the direct resin veneer.  Some people also call it dental bonding.   Direct resin veneers are done in one visit, by  a cosmetic dentist who hand sculpts and places composite resin directly on the tooth.  Using many shades, tints, and translucencies of... Read More
May 14, 2012
DUBUQUE, IOWA COSMETIC DENTIST COMPLETES ADVANCED TRAINING IN COSMETIC DENTISTRY  Dr. Kristen Berning, of Exceptional Dentistry at 4200 Asbury Road, Dubuque, IA  52002, has recently completed an advanced comprehensive Post-Graduate Continuing Education Program in Esthetic Dentistry at The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. “This is a unique opportunity for practicing dentists to become involved with the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry” said Paul Belvedere, D.D.S., Adjunct Professor and Cosmetic Dentist, School of Dentistry. The University of Minnesota is one of only two premiere university-based clinical training centers for... Read More
February 13, 2012
Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers Before we first met Mary*, she wrote a letter to Dr. Ted Murray.  Mary’s letter included the following… “It is with a mixture of fear and shame that I await my first visit to your office.  My extreme dental issues (chipping, fractured, badly worn and missing teeth, etc.) resulting from an adulthood of neglect are impacting my life in a way that cannot be ignored or put off any longer.  I fear that a full mouth reconstruction (or worse) is in order. “I have not enjoyed very positive experiences with dentists.  Arguably, the dentists were competent and certainly did no injury, emotionally or physically... Read More
February 08, 2012

The Myth of “Soft Teeth” and Early Childhood Tooth Decay

 Many people falsely believe that the reason their infant or toddler has tooth decay is because they inherited “soft teeth.”  The actual reason that cavities may be common in an entire family is because tooth decay is an infectious disease, the most common chronic disease among children. However, the good news is, tooth decay is completely preventable. Dental caries, or cavities, are caused by particular strains of bacteria which live in the mouth. Mothers who carry these bacteria – especially those who have many cavities or fillings – can pass them to their baby or child... Read More
February 06, 2012
Recently, one of our patients had a conversation similar to this with Dr. Kristen Berning: Patient: “Doc, I don’t know how you do it. It must be a challenge working on patients like me, working in a small, dark area with my tongue in the way.” Dr. Kristen Berning:  ”Yes, but you completed all your treatment, and I am so proud of you for persevering to the very end.  Your mouth will feel healthier now, and your teeth will feel stronger. Watching a patient who has committed to a long process emerge on the other side with a healthy smile is incredibly rewarding for all of us. Let me tell you about one of my other patients, a grandfather, whose... Read More
February 01, 2012
Happy Dental Health Month from Dr. Ted Murray, Dr. Kristen Berning, and the Exceptional Dentistry team! We are blessed with a dream team of talented and hard working individuals: Melissa A., Kori, Amy, Maureen, Charity, Talia, Melissa F., Heather, Stephanee, Jenni, and Darlene. They come to work every day to give 100% to our patients.  This positive environment in our beautiful, modern dental office allows us to give you a healthy smile with the highest quality and most advanced dental care. It is a privilege for for us to work with this talented group! To learn more about our team, click here. Also, to celebrate National Dental Health... Read More
January 23, 2012

Dubuque Invisalign Dentist

Invisalign isn’t just about making your smile look better… straight teeth are often healthier teeth too! (actual Invisalign case done by Dr. Kristen Berning) Teeth that are not aligned properly in the mouth create malocclusion.   Malocclusion, in simple terms, means a “bad bite” or a “misaligned bite”.  Left untreated, malocclusion can lead to many problems, including periodontal disease.  Crowded teeth are harder to keep clean.  More food, plaque, and debris can hide where teeth are crowded.  And as more bacteria and plaque accumulate, the bacteria start to cause gum disease.  Gums bleed more often.  As... Read More
January 17, 2012

Dubuque Cosmetic Dentistry

With the advent of social media and mobile internet devices, today’s dental patients have a wealth of information at their fingertips regarding cosmetic dentistry.  This makes them more informed and more knowledgeable about what treatment their desire for their own cosmetic concerns. People are seeking out the dental treatment that looks the best and lasts the longest.  Often times they are requesting the most conserative treatment.  Thanks to the improvement in dental materials, dental bonding is a conservative treatment that solves many dental problems.  Dental bonding can be thought of as “nip and tuck... Read More
November 10, 2011
Dr. Ted Murray and Dr. Kristen Berning have been Dubuque Invisalign dentists for several years and have helped many patients straighten their teeth without metal braces. Many people ask us if Invisalign would work for them.  Often times they hold back their true smile because they are self conscious about some imperfection.  Their concerns may range from crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or spaces between their teeth.  Invisalign can solve many problems, and it’s a comfortable way to straighten teeth. Here is a case where this woman was not happy with the space between her 2 front teeth… and an even larger space between two of her bottom teeth... Read More