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December 07, 2010

Lower your risk of heart disease: Brush your teeth

BY MICHAEL ROIZEN, M.D., AND MEHMET OZ, M.D. The YOU Docs “What’s better than walking out of the dentist’s office with a mega-watt smile, the slick feel of just-polished teeth, a free toothbrush and knowing that’s over? How about a 33 percent drop in your risk for a heart attack or stroke? “You read that right. Dentists and cardiologists have long known that neglecting your pearly whites leads to more than a tight-lipped grin in your high-school reunion photo. It also kicks up trouble in your arteries. The same gunky dental plaque — a gooey mix of bacteria, saliva and microscopic... Read More
October 11, 2010
The popular Fox comedy show called Glee has a sedation dentist, “Dr. Carl,” joining the cast. The Tuesday 7 PM central show tellsthe adventures of a high school glee club. John Stamos, age 47, plays the dentist, who is dating one of the school’s teachers. John Stamos is known for his roll in “Full House,” has starred on Broadway 4 times, and has played drums for the Beach Boys on and off for the past 25 years. Dr. Carl Howell visits the glee club, where he discovers that some of the students have terrible teeth. Cheerleader Brittany’s are the worst of the singers. Brittany: “I don’t brush my teeth. I rinse my mouth out with soda after I eat... Read More
September 22, 2010
Heart disease is the leadingkiller of men and women in the United States and in Europe. British researchers studied nearly 12,000 adults in Scotland found that those who don’t brush their teeth twice a day have a 70% increased risk of heart disease compared to those who brush twice a day. Bleeding, red puffy gums are signs of periodontal disease. People with this disease are more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes because inflammation in the body plays a role in the build up of clogged arteries. See us at least twice a year, so we can help you get a clean, healthy mouth.
September 20, 2010
Dr. Ted Murray is one of 12 dentists in the world that is both an Accredited dentist in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry. He has completed thousands of hours of continuing education and passed rigorous written, clinical, and oral examinations to achieve these high designations. He is committed to being on the leading edge so that he can truly provide exceptional dentistry.
September 14, 2010
It’s important to understand how your oral health impacts the overall health of your body. When you have an infection in your mouth, your body, unfortunately, cannot remove the infection on its own – it requires intervention. Taking care of the bleeding and the infection as soon as possible is critical as it limits the time you’re exposing the rest of the body to an infection that has the potential of becoming much more serious. Our hygienists, Talia, Melissa and Charity, can help get your gums healthy so they do not bleed when you brush and floss.
September 07, 2010
Exceptional Dentistry was a sponsor for the Rising Star Theatre Company’s production of “Into the Woods.” The performances were July 22-24 at The Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. Here’s a picture of the Big Bad Wolf himself:
August 31, 2010
Dr. Oz & Dr. Roizen, the “You Docs”, write about recent research that indicates gum disease is a major risk factor for Alzheimer’s & memory problems. Read their article here. Our hygienists, Talia, Charity, and Melissa, have helped hundreds of people treat their periodontal disease and gum disease. People who treat their periodontal disease not only keep their teeth longer, but reduce their risk for stroke, heart attack, and Alzheimer’s. Reducing the bad bacteria in the mouth helps the whole body stay healthier!
August 11, 2010
This 16 year-old came to our office for a second opinion on her dark front tooth. The tooth suffered an injury when she was younger and has had a root canal. Instead of having to grind anything off of the front, or put something over it to mask it, we were able to whiten the tooth from the inside out. It’s a process called internal whitening. BEFORE: AFTER: She can now feel good again about her smile!
July 14, 2010
It is the time of the year that the state of Iowa sends out the Application for Renewal of Dental License. I was completing Dr. Ted Murray and Dr. Kristen Berning’s forms, and needed to fill in the answer to the question “License renewal requires that you obtain a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education taken between September 1, 2008 and August 31, 2010. Write the number of hours you completed… “ Our two dentists each attended 203 hours !! Just another reason on why they are so good at taking care of your smile: their life’s work. Dr. Murray & Dr. Berning are dentists, and passionate ones at that!
May 17, 2010
Dr. Ted Murray & Dr. Kristen Berning attended the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s (AACD) 26th Annual Scientific Session, in Grapevine, Texas from Tuesday April 27- Saturday May 1, 2010. The AACD is the world’s largest international dental organization dedicated to advancing excellence in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry through responsible esthetics. Both Dr. Murray & Dr. Berning are active AACD members. Contemporary cosmetic dentistry is a comprehensive approach to total oral health care that combines art and science to achieve optimal dental function, health, and esthetics. The annual AACD scientific session is... Read More