Reviews for Exceptional Dentistry

Welcoming Patients from Dubuque, Davenport, Dyersville, IA, Nearby Wisconsin and Galena, IL

"This wasn't a dental visit.  It was a spa treatment.  I'm invigorated.  I love that you made time to fix my cavity when it wasn't scheduled.  THAT'S service!  No additional appointment was necessary.  And my dental hygienist was expert at administering my numbing drug.  I felt nothing.  No discomfort at all.  I love you guys.  I tell everyone."


"Your staff were exceptionally attentive and professional.  I felt like they cared about me as a person, not just a patient.  I have never been as happy with a visit to the dentist as I was in your office."


“Always a top notch place! I feel so well cared for at your office. I always feel I’m getting the best possible care! Thank you!”




"Everyone there is absolutely wonderful, very friendly, and very professional.  That is why I travel all the way across the state to have my dental work done here."


"While it may seem odd to some, I actually enjoy my dental checkups.  Everyone always greet me with a smile and a friendly hello by name.  Making the switch to Exceptional Dentistry 5 years ago was the best decision I made for our dental health.  We've learned a lot and have put it to use.  Dr. Berning is a true artist and I have a smile to prove it!  Thank you all."


"I just wanted to sincerely thank you all again for such an amazing, positive, first-time experience in your ‘dentistry home’! I’m not even going to call it an ‘office’ because it’s nothing like an office at all! From the second I stepped in, and my senses immediately caught the beautiful aroma in the entryway, I knew I was going to get royal treatment! I was nervous as all heck, but red carpet here we come! I was so very nervous as a first-time patient, not knowing what to expect (given my past history and worried I’d be frowned upon). I walked out of your ‘home’ totally floored and in shock that you all have such a genuinely compassionate personality about you (and funny too!). You were all so darn sweet that I was almost in tears! You really do live up to your ‘Exceptional Dentistry’ motto, as I felt very special today in your care. Dr. Murray, you have chosen your team well, and I am already amazed with you in one visit. When I was there I felt as if I was your only patient that day (good thing I wasn’t cuz you wouldn’t make any money that way! LOL) But you and your awesome team catered to me as if I was, and this is how it should be no matter where you go – but it’s not…so thank you. I know I have a little bit of a road ahead of me to achieve the beautiful smile I desire – but I trust you – I knew that after today’s visit that I made the right choice to come see you. Thanks again."


"I have none. As the staff is now aware, I’m scared to death of dentists! Everyone made me feel secure and assured me that all would/will be okay. I’m still scared, but do know that everyone actually cares about me and my  health and will do the best they can to make me comfortable in whatever procedures need to be done to give me back a healthy mouth and a healthy smile! Thank you all so much!"



"Best dental experience I have ever had! My anxiety isn’t gone, but it is diminished to the point I’ll be able to finally give my teeth the dental care they deserve on a regular basis. I went from being tortured at the dentist to being cared about. I didn’t believe it was possible. ‘Exceptional’ describes Dr. Murray and his staff perfectly!"


"You definitely live up to the name of your business and the services provided! My thanks to you fo re-arranging you patient roster to work me in on such short notice. Everyone on staff has been professional, courteous, and caring. I am very glad I chose this practice for my dental needs (and my husband Randy). I will gladly recommend Exceptional Dentistry to colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. I look forward to a good professional/client relationship with your office. Thanks again for everything!"