Why Choose a Cosmetic Dentist for Your General Dentistry Needs

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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing trends in health care today as more and more patients realize they no longer have to live with crooked teeth, yellow teeth, unsightly gaps, missing or worn teeth, unnatural looking crowns, or dark mercury-silver fillings. In addition, most “everyday” dental procedures have a cosmetic component since the dental work may be visible when smiling or laughing. Because your smile is so important and because technology has provided realistic-looking options, it is wise to choose a dentist with cosmetic experience for your general dentistry needs.

With many years of advanced training in esthetic dentistry, the team at Exceptional Dentistry in Dubuque, Iowa is able to provide cosmetic general dentistry treatment to restore the original form, function, and beauty of natural teeth. Dr. Ted Murray is the only dentist in the state of Iowa with a postgraduate certificate in esthetic dentistry. His daughter, Dr. Kristen Berning, is following in his footsteps in the same program at the University of Minnesota. Both of our Dubuque dentists have completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in cosmetic dentistry.

Combining Health and Beauty

Cosmetic dentistry is part of everyday general dentistry, whether it is for a front tooth or a back tooth. For example, when a person smiles, we often can see their upper first molars.

In our office, when a crown is needed on an upper molar that is visible in the smile, we choose a material that mimics nature, and we avoid crowns that have a black line at the margin. As another example, when a person needs filling on a front tooth, it is important that his or her dentist abide by the many cosmetic principles when planning the restoration of that tooth.

There is no “one size fits all” for fillings on front teeth, but instead many principles to consider, including: height, width, shape, shade, translucency, opacity, surface texture, material type, and mimicking specific characteristics that are present on adjacent teeth.

Many patients have come to our office with the request that we redo a filling on a front tooth to make it appear more natural.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Nearly all general dentistry needs have a cosmetic component to them, so why not choose the most natural looking option?  We use smile design principles every day.

“Smile design” means that the teeth and gums have proper proportions to be esthetically pleasing and look natural.  For example, if a tooth is too wide, it looks unnatural and draws too much attention.

Cosmetic dentistry in our Dubuque office includes all procedures that appear in the smile, such as these general dentistry procedures:

Each smile is unique, and when our dentists are providing general treatment, they take great care in designing a filling or a smile that suits the individual. We can enhance the appearance of your smile by closing gaps, straightening crooked teeth, lengthening worn, chipped, or broken teeth and by whitening your teeth for a more youthful, clean, healthy-looking smile. Cosmetic dentistry allows us to conservatively restore your teeth to their natural strength and beauty.

For more information about the services available at Exceptional Dentistry, please call 563-556-2711 or contact us online today to arrange a personalized consultation. Our dentists serve patients in and around Cedar Rapids and Davenport from our office in Dubuque, Iowa, as well as patients from Galena, Illinois.

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