3D Digital Imaging Technology

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Exceptional Dentistry's Dubuque dentists have invested significant resources in making their office a top-notch provider of truly exceptional dental services. Our commitment to the best dental technology is evidence of this investment.

Perhaps the most important piece of technology we utilize is our i-Cat 3D Cone Beam Digital Imaging System. This system allows us to take crisp, clear 3D images of your teeth, gums and underlying jaw structure, making it easier for us to diagnose your dental conditions and sparing you significant time in the dentist's chair.

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The Importance of Imaging

Whether you're considering cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, TMJ treatment or even standard general dentistry services, the cliche holds true: knowledge is power. The more your dentist knows about the state of your dental health the better off you will be.

Dentists have long strived to acquire the clearest possible images of your teeth for aids in diagnosis and treatment recommendations. X-ray technology was exceptionally helpful in this regard, but early x-rays provided two-dimensional, black and white images and exposed patients to a level of radiation with which many were uncomfortable.

The i-Cat 3D Cone Beam Digital Imaging System solves these problems. It provides our Dubuque dentists with 3D images of remarkable clarity and detail, giving us truly invaluable insight into the nature of any underlying conditions you might be experiencing.

As mentioned above, this 3D imaging proves exceptionally useful for:

However, all dentistry is easier when it is performed with the aid of the sort of images provided by the i-Cat system.

Why the System Works for Patients

As you can see from the below image, the i-Cat system is essentially an open scanner. It does not spark a trapped or "closed-in" feeling if you suffer from claustrophobia or other dental anxieties.

i-CAT 3D Digital Imaging | Exceptional Dentistry | Dubuque, Iowa

Furthermore, the i-Cat system reduces radiation exposure by 95 percent, putting your mind at ease.

Our Dubuque dentists will be happy to answer any questions you might have our 3D dental imaging system, our other technologies or your treatment options. After performing your scan, we will review the images with you and help you see what we see when we review them.

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