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The term composite resin dental bonding is used for both the bonding procedure and the material used in that procedure. A similar composite resin is used for white fillings.

Dental bonding solves many common smile problems quickly and affordably. It is a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that reshapes malformed, damaged or misaligned teeth.

In many instances, bonding is the treatment of choice because it requires minimal enamel reduction and very little preparation.

Dental bonding can provide protection for an exposed tooth root caused by receding gums. It can also resolve these cosmetic dental problems:

  • Chips or cracks
  • Discoloration that resists tooth whitening
  • Mis-matched tooth shapes
  • Teeth that are either slightly crowded or too widely-spaced
Cosmetic Bonding 1
Cosmetic Bonding 2

The Dental Bonding Process

To prepare your tooth for bonding, the tooth surface is slightly roughened. The bonding material is applied, then shaped and hardened with a special high-intensity light. The newly reshaped tooth is trimmed and polished and the restoration is complete.

Specific advantages of bonding:

  • The bonding material is closely matched to your tooth color for a natural appearance
  • Bonding does not require waiting for a restoration from the dental lab
  • Bonding can usually be accomplished in one easy visit
  • In most cases, no anesthesia is required
  • The cost is less than for porcelain restorations

Bonding is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that combines the science of composite resin materials with the artistry of highly-trained, skilled cosmetic dentists like Dr. Ted MurrayDr. Kristen Berning, and Dr. Alexia Oetken.

Each bonded tooth must be custom-molded to create the perfect shape that matches well with the rest of your teeth and creates overall harmony and balance in your smile. This requires a deep understanding of function as well as an eye for beauty.

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At Exceptional Dentistry, we have helped many patients to achieve a bright, beautiful smile. Dr. Ted Murray is the only cosmetic dentist in Dubuque, and only one of two cosmetic dentists in the entire state of Iowa to achieve prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) accreditation.

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