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Nighttime Mouth Breathing Poses Risks for Children

Our Exceptional Dentistry team understands that nighttime mouth breathing can be harmful to a child’s growth & development. Children are supposed to be able to breath through their noses at night, in order to have proper oxygen supply to their active brains. In addition, breathing through the nose allows for proper tongue & muscle balance which is necessary for the face to develop correctly.

My jaw hurts, my teeth hurt and I have a headache

“My jaw hurts, my teeth hurt and I have a headache”, said a patient last week. Dr. Ted Murray listened to him and did an exam, took impressions of his teeth and made him an orthotic. Our patient called today to say his bite feels great, and he has no more pain. He is wearing this comfortable orthotic, and you can’t even notice it when he talks. He is sleeping better. He will wear this orthotic for about three months, and then Dr. Murray will restore his teeth to the correct bite to give him a strong and healthy smile.

Welcome New Patients

Dubuque, Iowa won the All American City Award. Our city has done an incredible job developing the area along the Mississippi River, and the west-end, where our dental office is located at 4200 Asbury Road, is growing with restaurants, retail shops and homes.