Another happy Invisalign patient!

Dr. Ted Murray and Dr. Kristen Berning have been Dubuque Invisalign dentists for several years and have helped many patients straighten their teeth without metal braces.

Many people ask us if Invisalign would work for them.  Often times they hold back their true smile because they are self conscious about some imperfection.  Their concerns may range from crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or spaces between their teeth.  Invisalign can solve many problems, and it’s a comfortable way to straighten teet.

Here is a case where this woman was not happy with the space between her 2 front teeth…

Dubuque Invisalign Dentist

and an even larger space between two of her bottom teeth!  It almost appeared as if she was MISSING a tooth, when in fact, she was not.

Dubuque Invisalign Dentist

Here’s another view of the space on the lower:Dubuque Invisalign Dentist

She went through the Invisalign process with Dr. Ted Murray and was very happy with the results.  Look how the space closed!

Dubuque Invisalign Dentist

And a look at her final smile :)Dubuque Invisalign Dentist

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