Nighttime Mouth Breathing Poses Risks for Children

Our Exceptional Dentistry team understands that nighttime mouth breathing can be harmful to a child’s growth & development. Children are supposed to be able to breath through their noses at night, in order to have proper oxygen supply to their active brains. In addition, breathing through the nose allows for proper tongue & muscle balance which is necessary for the face to develop correctly.

As a family dental office, we care about our patients like they are our “family” too! We screen for mouth breathing in children by looking for narrow arches, crowded teeth, & enlarged tonsils, and looking for signs of sleep deprivation. Children who are sleep deprived may have poor school performance and reduced attention spans. They may snore at night or be restless sleepers. So, why do some kids breathe through their mouths instead of their noses? It can be a result of nasal obstructions, allergies or enlarged tonsils and adenoids. If this is suspected, we will refer our patients to the appropriate specialists.

A recent article about the role that dentists play in looking for children who are mouth breathers is here.

As dentists, we know the “MOUTH” very well and look at dozens each day… and it is here where the first signs of breathing disorders can be recognized. Dr. Ted Murray & Dr. Kristen Berning have advanced training to look for these conditions in children. We not only care about teeth, but we have helped many kids find a better night’s sleep!

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