Snoring in Children linked to Poor Behavior

Research on effects of snoring

A recent study of over 200 children found that those who snore were more likely to have behavioral problems including aggression and hyperactivity.   Researches surveyed the mothers of these children over several years to monitor snoring and behavior patterns.

The anatomy and physiology of snoring

Snoring or noisy breathing in children is a sign of resistance in the airway.   This resistance prevents the child’s body from getting ample oxygen at night.  Without enough oxygen for the brain, proper growth and development is hindered.  This results in a grumpy child who may then have behavioral challenges.

Screening for sleep breathing problems in children

When Dr. Ted Murray and Dr. Kristen Berning examine the children in their dental practice, they are often looking for intraoral signs that children may have sleep disturbances.  Sometimes a referral to an ENT doctor is necessary to address what resistance in the airway is causing the snoring.  Some children even have sleep apnea, where they stop breathing at night.

A patent airway is important for proper growth and development of the brain, the entire body, and even the teeth and dental arches.  Children who snore are sometimes more likely to grind their teeth, have narrow dental arches, and crowded teeth.

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