Dr. Kristen Berning presents to Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition

Dr. Kristen Berning’s Tongue and Lip Ties Presentation

Dr. Kristen Berning is considered a dental expert in Eastern Iowa and the Tri State Region on the topic of tongue ties and lip ties.Dr. Berning provides support and treatment for breastfeeding mom-baby dyads who are dealing with tongue ties and/or lip ties. She uses a LightScalpel CO2 laser to perform tongue tie and lip tie releases, including posterior tongue ties. She treats infants, children, teens and adults with ties, also called tethered oral tissues. Many lactation consultants, midwives, therapists (OT, PT, SLP), chiropractors, fellow moms, etc. refer patients to our office for care due to our extensive experience in this field of tethered oral tissues.

Dr. Berning was asked by Meagan Thompson, DNP, ARNP, CNM to present to the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition. Meagan is one of the Nurse-Midwives at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. She is the chair of the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition, and she asked Dr. Kristen Berning to present for 15 minutes at one of their meetings. The Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition meets on the third Thursday of every month over the noon hour. The group wanted to hear more about Dr. Berning’s background, tongue tie procedure services, and how to refer patients and best coordinate care of the breastfeeding mother-baby dyad who is struggling with tongue and/or lip ties.

Due to scheduling challenges and the geographical distance, Dr. Kristen Berning recorded her presentation for the group and it was played at the meeting.

In this YouTube video, Dr. Kristen Berning, a Dubuque Iowa family dentist, speaks to the Iowa Breastfeeding Coalition about her personal and professional experience with tongue ties and breastfeeding.

  • Dr. Berning discusses her personal experience breastfeeding one of her children and how their challenges inspired her to learn more about tongue and lip ties and begin providing this treatment to others.
  • She discusses the signs and symptoms of tongue ties and lip ties, and what problems can be noticed in the infant such as poor latch, poor weight gain, reflux, colic, clicking sound while feeding, popping on and off during a feed, etc. She explains symptoms in the breastfeeding mother of a tongue-tied baby which can include nipple pain/damage, poor breast drainage, plugged ducts, mastitis, thrush, low milk supply, and frustration with breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding.
  • She discusses the classification of tongue and lip ties.
  • Next she discusses the CO2 laser frenectomy procedure performed in her Dubuque, Iowa dental office, Exceptional Dentistry.
  • Additionally, she discusses the importance of coordination of care and the team approach to caring for these families.
  • There are also resources provided to learn more about tethered oral tissues and the effects they can have on infants and beyond.

Dr. Kristen Berning’s office is located at 4200 Asbury Road, Dubuque, IA 52002.  Many patients travel from Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin to her office for tongue tie assessments and treatment.  To schedule an exam or ask questions about the lip and tongue tie procedure with Dr. Kristen Berning please call us at 563-556-2711 or contact us online.

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