Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Testimonial from a Breastfeeding Mother

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Since 2014, Dr. Kristen Berning has been releasing tongue ties and lip ties on infants who have difficulties with breast feeding and/or bottle feeding. Dr. Kristen Berning uses a CO2 LightScalpel laser to release the tight band(s) of tethered oral tissue, so that the range of motion and the function can improve. This results in an improvement in latch, which can also improve an infant’s weight gain and decrease gas and fussiness, and lessen pain and frustration that the mother might be experiencing from a shallow latch at the breast.

Like many physical traits, tongue ties and lip ties can be genetic and run in families. For this reason, many families have visited our office for treatment over the years with more than one of their children. A mother named Annie was in our office with her second tongue tied baby and told us she had a testimonial to share about the life changing impact after the release of her first child’s tongue tie and lip tie.

Her email testimonial is below:

“Hello to the office staff and Kristen,

I wanted to follow up after Kristen released my baby’s tongue and lip tie when she was 1 month old back in September. I was suffering from severe nipple pain from breastfeeding, as my baby was “gumming” to breastfeed. I had health professionals telling me my baby had already been screened for a tie, perhaps had a mild tie, and that painful nursing was normal. I had so many doubts about having Kristen check for a tongue tie, because so many professionals had dismissed the idea. I am so grateful I went anyway and that Kristen has an in depth knowledge about ties and was able to assess that the problem actually was stemming from ties.

Tongue Tie Lip Tie CO2 laser dentist Iowa frenectomy revision

Annie’s daughter’s tongue tie.
Tongue Tie diagnosed by Dr. Kristen Berning

I still had nipple pain when we went for our followup appointment, but as my baby slowly adjusted to her new latch and new tongue movement, after about 2 weeks the pain slowly went away, and after 4 weeks, the pain had fully gone and my nipples finally healed up. She is now 5 months old and we have been successfully breastfeeding with ZERO pain. My relationship with breastfeeding and my baby’s relationship with breastfeeding are absolutely wonderful (she now despises the bottle in fact)–I went from crying and literally screaming in pain every time she latched on and thinking it would be impossible to continue the torture for a year, to feeling like breastfeeding is an integrated part of my life and something I cherish. 

None of that would be possible if it hadn’t been for Kristen’s expertise and practice. I am so grateful that we have someone in town that actually knows about ties.

I went on to breastfeed my first child until she was 20 months old when I was 3 months into my 2nd pregnancy and my milk dried up. We had an awesome breastfeeding relationship. I hope this baby goes even longer! 

Thank you for all you do allowing moms to have successful and happy breastfeeding relationships!!

Thank you again,


Thank you so much, Annie, for sharing your important testimonial. We are so pleased to hear about the improvements in your breastfeeding relationship. Thank you for choosing our office and trusting us with the care of your children.

Dr. Kristen Berning provides support and treatment for breastfeeding and bottle feeding families who are dealing with lip and tongue ties. She uses a LightScalpel CO2 laser to perform lip tie and tongue tie releases, including posterior tongue ties and buccal ties. To schedule a consultation or ask questions about laser lip and tongue tie revision with Dr. Kristen Berning, please call 563-556-2711 or contact us online. We serve families in the Dubuque and Tri-State area and other cites including Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and regions of northeast Iowa, southwest Wisconsin and northwest Illinois.    

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